Project & Task Management with

Why do we need to plan?

You often hear that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  So often we have seen projects that are:

  • Not managed at all,
  • Have a project plan that only the project manager can see,
  • Use emails, instant messaging and project meetings to communicate tasks, and
  • Are made up of teams of very talented individuals that have a hard time staying on task or meeting deadlines

As what projects are attempting to accomplish become increasingly complex, deadlines shorten and teams become more distributed, there is a increasing need to leverage tools tocentrally manage and communicate project status, tasks and know where things are at.

Although there are many tools available to do this, based on our experience, combines the best of ease of use, accessibility, power, flexibility, cost and user experience making it the ideal solution for project teams (as well as many other applications).  

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